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Script Trigger and unstored calculation

Question asked by cocoa123 on Jun 12, 2010
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Script Trigger and unstored calculation




I have a question about unstored calculations being referenced inside a script that is triggered for onObjectExit trigger.


 I have Table A that has a 1 to 1 relation with Table B.   Table B has an unstored calculation field in it., lets call it field B  Table A is the context that is shown in a layout that displays the field B from Table B.  From this layout, The user can click a row in a portal on this layout that does a GTRR into a second window that shows a layout with Table C as the context.  Table C's context also displays the field from Table B.  When a user leaves a particular field on Table C's layout - this field C is a dependent field on Table B's unstored calculation field B so it should force field B to recalculate, it triggers an onObjectExit script that attempts to use the value in the unstored calculation field from Table B.


 The problem is when the script gets this value it is the old value - it is not recalculated with the new value entered.  The funny thing is on Table A's layout and on Table C's layout the field B referenced from Table B is showing the new calculated value.  Why would the script show a different (previous value) for the unstored calculation field when on the same layout showing a field object is displaying the new updated value at the same exact moment as per the Script Debugger?  


Thank you for any input you may provide