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Script Trigger for Barcode Scanner

Question asked by YeeWaiSeng on Feb 17, 2013
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Script Trigger for Barcode Scanner


     Dear all,

     I am new to scripting on filemaker pro advance 12. Im having a very basic FMP database with me. I created a few fields in the database with imported data from an excel file. One of the field is Confimation Number, which is a unique number for each person. I would like to have Confirmation Number field always ready in Find mode, once after a barcode being scanned it automatic perfom find and check on a checkbox and timestamp. If same record being scanned, will trigger error without checking on the checkbox and timestamp. 

     I tried it work with onobject save with host, but client did not work. Host on Mac Mini, and shared to client on Window. Need advice and guidience from the Pro user here.