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script trigger from a drop down list

Question asked by willrollo on Aug 30, 2011
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script trigger from a drop down list



I have looked all over the net and have found a plugin solution for this but thought that maybe the filemaker 11 may have implemented this feature. 


What I have table layout called "invoices" and it has a drop down list that has 3 options, Customer, trade and supplier (from a field called "type" that is in a linked table. User selects what type of client is being entered into the database, by using a drop down menu  - This initial client entry is on another layout called 'new enquiry").


I want to trigger a script for each of these options once selected by the user. The point of this is that The table view i have as a layout will sort accordingly to show invoices to each of these groups...

I hope this makes sense! I am a newbie at this so please be gentle!