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    Script Trigger in Portal.....blues



      Script Trigger in Portal.....blues


           Hello Forum.  I seem to be having a problem with somthing kind of simple (I hope).  I'm just trying to go from a field in my portal to a field outside my portal with a OnObjectExit trigger (maybe the wrong trigger?) I have it set on the field circled, trying to get to the next field in my tab order, which is the red line.  Instead, it goes to the next portal row (green line), Continuously tabbing, it will go through all the portal rows, then at the last blank row, it will jump to the next field in the tab order.

           This is the one part of my DB where I enter alot of data, and the portal will grow. For speed and ease of data entry, it would be nice to tab right out, so Idon't have to take my hand off the keyboard.  Ive tried all related script steps, Go to Field, Go to next Field, Go to Object.....nothing seems to work.

           Any help is always greatly appreciated.




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               In your script that is performed by OnObjectExit, make Exit Script [False] the last script step. This cancels out the "event" that tripped the OnObjectExit trigger in the first place.

               But since mouse clicks also exit the field, you may want to use OnObjectKeyStroke and check for when the return, enter and/or tab key was pressed to fine tune this a bit more. That way mouse clicks still put the focus where the user clicks, but keys that exit the field jump the cursor to the desired location.

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                  Thanks again Phil.....I should just put you on the payroll.....Exit Script [False]....was the answer.  Should of posted an hour ago :)

                 Extrememly grateful.