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Script Trigger in Table view

Question asked by Kj on Nov 23, 2011
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Script Trigger in Table view


Want a speedy check in/ check out process. Seemed like it would be simple.

Have 'filter as you type' layout in table view to find records by name. Works. Buttons do not work in table view so I thought I would use script triggers. It is not working. I just want to click on 'checkin' field and have the script set the field to a 'Yes' and set the arrived date and time.

I can get the checkin field to be a 'yes' but it does not set the date and time. Odd. It is all in the same script. Also, it seems to always think the field is a 'yes' and asks 'do I want to clear the field' (part of script)  when it has not been set to 'yes' yet. 

By the way, the old way was a form and the button on the field 'check in' worked perfectly.

Thank you.