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Script Trigger not firing

Question asked by FilmUser on Nov 20, 2014
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Script Trigger not firing


Windows 7, FMP and Server 12

Three fields: two are text, with the same drop down value list, Creating Engineer and Lead Engineer. The Lead Engineer is a lookup field set to lookup from the Creating Engineer. Third field is the Record_ID.

When a record is created, the Creating Engineer is selected from the drop down. In almost every case, the Lead Engineer will be the same, so I want to lookup the Creator to populate the Lead. The lookup works when the Creator is populated the first time, but not when changed, so I wrote a script.

Script has one step - Relookup field contents, referencing a self relationship to the Record_ID.

The script works fine when executed manually.

The script trigger is set to the Creating Engineer field, "On Object Save", which I've used with scripts many times, except in this case nothing happens when changing the selection in that field. After choosing from the drop down, FMP just goes to the next field in the tab order.

What am I missing?