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Script Trigger on Record Creation

Question asked by alexasb_1 on Feb 23, 2010
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Script Trigger on Record Creation



I am trying to do something really simple, and not getting anywhere. I have two Layouts and two tables, both related to each other via a client ID number. One for Sales and one for Accounts. I would like to automatically create a record in the Accounts Table / Layout when one is created in the Sales Table / Layout. I have written a script to do this and pre-populate the relevant fields in the Accounts table (well, really it shows the fields from the Sales table), but currently I can only trigger this with a button on the Sales Layout. Is there a way to do this by way of a kind of 'Script Trigger on record creation'? so that its done automatically, and not having to rely on the sales staff to press the button?


Any help will be greatly appreciated