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    Script Trigger on/off



      Script Trigger on/off


      Is there a function to turn a script trigger on or off.


      Id really like to run a configuration script once then turn it off on the particular trigger.


      I know I can set it to test a control value stored in a table but Id rather just turn it off.

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          Or set a Global variable....




          Set Variable [ $$triggers; "" ]    // Off

          Set Variable [ $$triggers; 1 ]    // On


          All of your scripts should check for it first.


          If [ $$triggers ]

             Perform script steps

          End If


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            Id think  the global variable option woulld be good as long as read in the settings from a table at startup.

            The more and more Im playing with things the more and more I seem to need a number of control tables and global tables just to operate the environment in the manner I wish.


            Its looking more and more like Im going to be designing a development environment first before I can actually get to designing the solution I want.