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Script trigger problem

Question asked by Pedorthist on Jan 14, 2013
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Script trigger problem


     I have a customer db setup with a tabbed screen section for "purchase history"  I have written a script that takes all the info on that tab (date, item, sale amount) and copies and pastes to a field titled "purchase history archive"  Once archived then I can add new purchase information. 

     I have put a script trigger in the date field so that when an existing customer comes back and makes a purchase I can enter the date field to post a new date but it will archive information before i do that.

     Here is the problem...

     I have set the trigger in the date field  onobjectenter.  When I enter the field the info is copied properly but then the curser stays in the archive field.  If I then go to the date field again of course the script triggers again and i have duplicate information in the archive field.  If I add a gotofield command to the script then I get a loop copying and pasting repeatedly until I stop the script.

     I know I am missing something simple but cannot seem to figure it out. 


     I am using filemaker 11 advanced pro - Mac

     A copy of my script is attached in a jpeg file

     Thanks for any help you can give.