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Script trigger upon leaving a TAB (FM11)

Question asked by R12GS on Feb 27, 2013
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Script trigger upon leaving a TAB (FM11)


     I want to run a script to verify that the user did not leave some fields empty in TAB2.  It's ideal to do this upon selection of TAB3.  At which point I want to run the script, and if TAB2 needs more info then it navigates back to TAB2 instead of advancing to TAB3.

     In layout mode, I select TAB2.  Format>Set Script Trigger>   and select "onobjectexit", choose the scriptname etc.  But I want it to address only TAB2.  But setting this trigger SETS 'onobjectexit' to ALL TABS.  

     It runs the script upon exit from TAB1, before the user has even seen the TAB2 fields (which are of course empty)

     How do I get the script to trigger ONLY upon exit of TAB2.  Upon entry to TAB3 would be OK too.