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Script Triggers

Question asked by Gasser on Mar 1, 2010
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Script Triggers


   Hi, I have just upgraded to FMP 10 in hopes that it will help me quickly solve an analytical problem
I have with my business.  I produce and market hand saws.  I have the usual five principal Input costs,
those of the raw materials - steel and wood (pine), the working of these materials, their packaging, their
distribution, and finally the product's promotion. The final wholesale or Internet sales price (Output) is
a constant I feel I must maintain.
   Therefore, if the cost of any of the five Inputs increases, I will have to decrease the costs of the other Inputs

proportionally, or as I wish. I have been making these calculations manually, but I would like this to happen

automatically. Thus, when I make changes in one of the Input values, the other Input values will change

correspondingly, so that the resultant sum of the five Inputs will always equal the same unchanged Output value.
   The five Inputs are related, but I have yet to find an "operator" which would change their values as described
above. From the literature I have seen, the script trigger OnObjectModifer in FMP 10 appears to be the key
function, but I have no idea how to use it, which steps I should take.
   Could anyone help me? Many thanks, Gasser