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script triggers and repetition fields

Question asked by RoelfW on Dec 27, 2014
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script triggers and repetition fields


I am designing a layout which will act as the input field for a personality profile app that I am building.

I want the layout to be very dynamic and quite visual

I have been experimenting various ways of laying it out and am seeking to confirm some things

1. the OnObjectModify ST applies to all of of the repetitions of a repetition field. Entering any of the specific repetitions triggers the ST.

2. Styles apply to all of the repetitions of an field on a layout. So far, I have not be able to apply one style to a one repetition and another style to another

3. Conditional formatting applies to all of the repetitions of a field on a layout.  So far I have not been able to apply different CFs to different repetitions of a field.

My solution to this to create a number of buttons and set them up to so the user clicks on the one which indicates their choice in response to my prompt. I can apply conditional formatting to buttons, so I can change the "color" of the selected button dynamically by associating a GV with each button and setting it as I need to make changes.

It is more work initially in terms of layouts and scripting but seems to be the better options for getting the kind of dynamic on the fly screen changes that I need.

If someone knows, could they please confirm or refute my 3 experiments above.