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    Script triggers during Install On Time Script...



      Script triggers during Install On Time Script...


      I have created a timer (stopwatch) using the Install On Time Script to increment every .1 seconds. I need to compare the value in this field with the value in another field and when the value in the timer is greater than the value in the other field, I need it to perform a script, but I can't get any script triggers to work during the Install On Time Script.  Is there another way to accomplish this.


      Thank you for any suggestions. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          When you execute a Install On Timer script step, the script referenced will execute at the time interval provided.  In your case, you are executing a script every .1 seconds, or 600 times per minute.  If another script is active at the time, it will wait until it is completed before executing again.  Therefore, you may have several scripts queued up.


          Rather than every tenth of a second, you may want to try every few seconds.  I assume once the requirements are met, you want to stop.  Therefore, be sure to include Install On Time script step again without any parameters to turn it off.



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