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Script Triggers from a Value List

Question asked by AnnetteSteinberg on Dec 14, 2011
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Script Triggers from a Value List


 FM 11.0v3 Windows

I've created a text field using a value list of Months - January through December.

I'm trying to use a script triggger for that field (onobjective modify) when a month is selected it performs a find for records within a certain month from the previous year by using a date field.

It works fine for months January - July and December.  (There are no records for Jan - July, but I can see the set field step, before I get the "there aren't any records" message box.  But, it doesn't work for October and November.  Any clues as to what I may be doing wrong?  When I check the script with the script debugger - it doesn't set the field - but will go back to the top of the script.

I've included a picture of the partial script.

Thanks for your help,