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Script triggers issue

Question asked by AbdoulBaldé on Mar 7, 2014
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Script triggers issue



     On my Layout, I have a pop up menu where user can select a Room #. The values are the list of Rooms available for each floor level. 

     Once the room has been selected, user can then select combinations for the selected Room to view details (Lenght,...)


     - Layout is based on Levels

     - User selects Floor 2 then he can select Room 210 or 220 or 230 (All rooms at Floor 1) => This is the POP UP MENU

     - Then user has to select combination A  or B or C or AB or AC or BC or ABC ==> All combinations are 1 row portals (Displayed as buttons with a conditional formatting formula) 

     I am trying to create a script which will automatically act as if user had clicked on the first combination "A" each time he selects a room from the Pop up Menu. 


My script: 

Allow user abort [Off]



     I tried to use the following script trigger  "On object Modify" but the script only works 1 out of 2 times Meaning that: 


     1- User selects Room 210 from pop up menu

     > Script works 210 A is selected automatically as if user selected 210 then clicked on combination "A"

     2- User selects Room 220 

     > Script does not work ==> Nothing is selected  and user has to click on a a button

     3- User selects Room 230 

     > Script works


     Could you please advise on how to fix this bug?