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script triggers on record creation and modification

Question asked by goldensunflakes on Nov 27, 2009
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script triggers on record creation and modification


I know filemaker has autoentry of fields that contain the date/time or the login user name, etc. when a record is created or modified.  Is there a way to fill a field with a user defined value at creation or similarly when the record is modified?


Here is what I am trying to do.  For several reasons, I would like multiple users to log into the database under a single user name.  They first encounter a table with a global field (userID) where they enter their individually assigned user IDs. I would like this user ID to populate a "created by" field when a record is created and/or a "modified by" field when a record is modified.


I think I have a script worked out for the modification, that I will have to add to every modifiable field.  The "created by" is a bit more problematic for me because I am not sure how to make the layout related triggers specific just to record creation.


I tried initially to make object scripts triggered by the simple auto completed "timestamp" fields for creation and modification but because the fields aren't entered or exited by the keyboard, they don't work.


I like trying to figure this kind of stuff out on my own because I learn a lot in the process, but I am stumped.


I can go easy route via the user login name; it just makes the management of the database a bit more complicated for me (a lot of temporary student users that would need to be frequently added/deleted).