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script triggers, select/perform, select all

Question asked by johnhorner on Feb 28, 2009
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script triggers, select/perform, select all


i have a rolodex file which has a "rolodex code" text field (required, unique) and a "company name" text field.  when a new record is created a "rolodex code" must be entered before you can proceed as it is a required field.  i am trying to set up a script which trigger so that when i exit rolodex code, it will automatically go the the field "company name" and select the existing contents (which were auto-entered upon creation to simply be "Company Name".  however, i have set up the following script and it doesn't do anything:


Go To Field [Select/perform; ROLODEX::CompanyName]


i have also tried adding the "Select All" step to the script and it also does not work.  i tested the trigger by  substituting the desired script step/s with a setfield script step which does successfully insert text into the "company name" field.


am i doing this wrong?  i am assuming that "select/perform" would select the contents of a field and that "select all" would also do this.  is this not a correct assumption?


does anyone have any thoughts as to why this is not working?  any help would be much appreciated.