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    Script Update Record



      Script Update Record




      I have a calibration database and i want to set it up that it shows what needs calibration.


      Then it asks who you are and then it will store that info on a different table with a time stamp.


      That way it shows who has been in it and they cant say oooo i didnt know that needed calibration, cuz it shows there name and timestamp as well as show the computer name and ofcourse the records being stored cant be modified.


      I also what it to have to make them input a name, aka click cancel with a empty name field it will open back.


      Here is a pic of my scirpt, it works as in it shows equipment 30 days before due, but other that.....nothing lol.








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          Replace Field Contents could have disasterous results here. This step can modify the value of the field specified in it for every record in your table.

          I'd define the name field to auto-enter either the current username or the current Accountname each time a new record in Who Modify is created. A second date or timestamp field can also be set to auto-enter the current time or timestamp when the record is created. This way all the script does is create the new record and the needed info is automatically entered. You select auto-enter field options for a field in manage | database | fields.

          I'd also create the new record in "Who Modify" before performing the find. That way this information is collected automatically before the user has any chance to quit and keep this info from being logged.

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            Got it