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    Script with Case (...



      Script with Case (...


      I have made a scriipt like  (as example:)

      Replace field content....

      Case( xxx = "123";"Yes";

      Case (yyy= "456";"No";

      Case (zzz= "666";"Maybe";


      This works,but  SOMETIMES a part of the fields is updated , so not all. I have set in menu " Show All" 

      The issue is maybe the number of CASEs , in my script it is about 1800 x case (xxx = ..

      In an other script it is runnning all the 55000 records,and 1800 cases.

      Other matter: if a CASE is not met, it is reset to zero value ( so replaced by zero,and I like to keep the

      original value in that field, (if not met).

      What is wrong with the script? It is still within the 30.000 limit.

      William, Thanks for help.


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          The devil is in the details. Please post exactly the syntax used for your replace fields calculation. What you have posted here would result in an error message and you wouldn't be able to replace anything.

          I'm not referring to the missingn parenthesis here, but the fact that a series of case functions can't be put in the same calculation dialog unless you have some kind of operator linking them. Thus, it is unclear exactly what you did with your replace field contents operation.

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            Above case syntax is wrong and you can't use more than one case in a single calculation.So you have to use the exact syntax of the case


            Case( condition1;result1 ;

                     condition2;result2 ;

                     condition3;result3 ;


                      Default )

            Looking forward to hear from you abt this.