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Script with Case (...

Question asked by wimrippen on Jul 12, 2012
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Script with Case (...


I have made a scriipt like  (as example:)

Replace field content....

Case( xxx = "123";"Yes";

Case (yyy= "456";"No";

Case (zzz= "666";"Maybe";


This works,but  SOMETIMES a part of the fields is updated , so not all. I have set in menu " Show All" 

The issue is maybe the number of CASEs , in my script it is about 1800 x case (xxx = ..

In an other script it is runnning all the 55000 records,and 1800 cases.

Other matter: if a CASE is not met, it is reset to zero value ( so replaced by zero,and I like to keep the

original value in that field, (if not met).

What is wrong with the script? It is still within the 30.000 limit.

William, Thanks for help.