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Script with If calculation

Question asked by Annette on Oct 9, 2013
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Script with If calculation



     I'm going to start by telling you a couple of fields I have on my database that I would like to include in my if statement.

     People Table::Service (The persons profession) (This is captured in a script that runs at the startup of the database called $$Services)

     Users Table::Services1 (Repetition field that allows multiple team / locations)

     UsersTable::Services1Text (this is a calculation field that lists information from field Services1

     EOC::Type_Location (this would be a calculation field which combines two fields of info the EOCType and EOC Location)



     So what i'm trying to do is have a button on a line that runs a script that says:

     If Field1 (would be any one of the services a user could be) is equal to $$Service

     AND the EOC_Location is text found within the UsersTable::Services1Text then go to layout X.  

     My problem is I don't know how to search for a string of text within a field in a calculation.  (EOC_Locations can be any combination of things where a user might only have one of those combinations in their Services1Text and it would always be in the same order and same spacing as it's all assigned via drop down lists to avoid text entry differences)


     Sorry, probably explained it a lot more complicated than I needed to or it is.