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    Script with radio button



      Script with radio button


      In IWP is there a way to either make a script notice what the user selects in a radio button field so i can use a scrupt trigger with it. Or possible make a button out of a radio button set or somehting? It is a Yes or No radio button and I need to perform a script trigger after the user selects one of these options but I don't know how to go about doing this since it's in IWP.



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          I don't do IWP, so this may not work, but it's worth a try:


          Place your radio button formatted field on your layout.

          In layout mode, select the field and choose Format | Button Setup... to set it up as a button. Select the script you want to perform.

          Now connect to your IWP DB via browser and see if the script is performed when you click the radio button.

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            I've also done what Phil suggests but with a little twist, possibly overthinking things, possibly not.


            Put your YES/NO radio buttons down.

            Put a transparent box over the "YES" and setup it's button action to setfield=Yes then perform the script.

            Put a 2nd transparent box over the "NO" and setup it's button action to setfield=No then perform the script.


            Pretty much the function that Phil was getting at, but it lets you differentiate between the yes and no entries on the button set.  I honestly didn't try it direct on the button set...the transparents may not be needed in the first place...I hadn't considered it.