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script with variable table name and fixed field name

Question asked by margotjacqz on May 3, 2011
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script with variable table name and fixed field name


What i want to do is easy in separate hard coded scripts, but am trying to understand if it can be done in one, to allow for additional tables etc.

Tables: People, Company, Projects, ToDo. Each has a field FindSelect which is a check box for short term use in reviw and subsorting. After a Find, I may review the found set and check FindSelect to create a new individualized subset which might be used for any number of things.  In one session this might happen several times for different projects. I have a button that will clear all checked boxes in the active category only- That is I'd prefer not to clear checkboxes globally.

GetAllRecords and SetField [tablename::FindSelect; value:" " ] 

But of course I have to specify the tablename and therefore have either multiple scripts or one with many IFs.  

So, my question: Wondering how to pass a variable table name into the SetField statement.

Have found that Get(ActiveFieldTableName)::FindSelect does not work, but it really ought to. <s> And, no certainty on what will be the active field of course. There is something else I am sure, based on context I expect, but it's too subtle for me.