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Script won't execute with Get(filename)

Question asked by DranLang on Oct 7, 2013
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Script won't execute with Get(filename)


     Hi everyone, I'm not sure what's wrong with the script I'm using, what I'm trying to do is when a button is clicked the script will execute and put an "X" mark in the checkboxes of the found set but still able to uncheck the boxes one at a time.  The script is:

     Set Field[TableName::CheckBoxName; ValueListItems ("FileName"; "ValueListOfTheCheckBox")]

     I also tried:

     Set Field[TableName::CheckBoxName; ValueListItems (Get(FileName); "ValueListOfTheCheckBox")]

     but the same thing happened (didn't check the checkboxes).  What can I do or need to change to make this script run, is it possible that having a lower version of FMPro can cause this not to run, currently I'm using version 11?

     Thanks everyone, any help is highly appreciated!