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Script won't run on second tab

Question asked by erob on Apr 15, 2010
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Script won't run on second tab


Hey guy!


I have a script that loops through portal rows and exits after last. I have a table with 2 tabs and an order form on each. The portal on the first tab works fine, the scripts runs through it fine but the second tab's script doesn't. It seems that after the first row it jumps over to the portal on the first tab and tries to run the script down that portal.


I removed the portal from the second tab, placing it on an empty section of the layout and it worked fine there. Also, when I run it on the second tab then the cursor will end up in the last portal row of the portal on the first tab.


These are 2 separate scripts that work with different fields so there's no confusion there. Also, on of the first step of the 2nd script is to "go to object" the object being the portal on the 2nd tab. And indeed the first row is always found but then it skips over to the other tab.


How can I keep the script from leaving the 2nd portal?


Thanks guys,