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Script-Controlled Checkbox Behavior

Question asked by illumine on Nov 9, 2014
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Script-Controlled Checkbox Behavior


I'm developing a solution to be used by Special Education teachers to manage certain classroom admin. activities, etc. Presently, I am putting together a tab control where one of the tabs hosts various fields regarding the enrollment category of each student.

One of the fields is a checkbox format: [ ] IEP    [ ] Temporary    [ ] Tuition    [ ] File-Holder

(I've attached a screenshot but I can't view it for some reason; don't know if you can see it either.) The checkboxes need to have specific rules of behavior to allow for certain checked combinations and disallow for others.



  1. IEP (only); IEP and File-Holder (concurrently)
  3. Temporary (only)
  5. Tuition (only)
  7. File-Holder (only)



  1. IEP and Temporary (concurrently) or IEP and Tuition (concurrently)
  3. Temporary and Tuition (concurrently)
  5. Temporary and File-Holder (concurrently)
  7. Tuition and File-Holder (concurrently)


From online research, I am able to check for values in the checkbox list using something along this line (with modifications):

If ( IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( checkboxfield ; checkfor ) ); 0; 1 )

In order to check for all the identified combinations and disallow for others it seems as though I must have a long list of "If" / "Else If" logical script steps to drill down through.

My question is, am I on the right track with this thinking, or is there a better, more straightforward way?

Many thanks, as always.

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