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Script/Application unresponsive

Question asked by ryanserra on Oct 7, 2014
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Script/Application unresponsive


I am running what I would consider an extremely simple script and Filemaker is failing every time.  There are 8k records that the script is looping through.  On each iteration, the record is exported to an xml file and two strings are inserted into the fields of another record.  This process fails every time at around 2,600 records processed.  It's not failing on a specific record either... different every time.  There are no error messages reported and even the script debugger fails to respond at this point.

I have changed each filemaker function call that I thought could be the problem (list, filterlist, insert text, etc...).  None of these changes have effected the outcome.

Can a filemaker field not handle a list greater than 2.6k?  In the documentation it says a text field can hold approximately 1 billion characters and I'm not even in the same realm of that amount of data.

Is there a buffer/cache that I need to clear?

I am at my wit's end with this problem.

** I am looking for a simple way to post these scripts from filemaker.  Any suggestions?