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Script: Table View, Find, Sort, List View

Question asked by BeachedWhale on Dec 19, 2012
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Script: Table View, Find, Sort, List View


     I want to create a script for a layout.

     These are the steps I need the script to go through because I need the find to be in Table view but the final data needs to be displayed in the List view.

     This is what I have so far as my script:

     1. Enter Browse Mode

     2. Go to Layout

     3. View As [View as Table]

     4. Enter Find Mode [Pause]

     <-------- this is an important step, the user inputs a find parameter for a field that is only in the Table view

     5. Sort Records by Field

     6. View As [View as List]


     The result of runnning this script is find mode in list view. The field I need to put in parameters for is NOT in list view, it's in table view.

     The first steps do get the find mode in table view. When I specify the find values and hit continue, it jumps to the find mode in list view. It doesn't sort the data or even retrieve the data from my find specifications. 

     I want it to perform the find that I input in table view (this find varies however so I can't specify it in the script) and then sort this data and then display it in list view. How do I get this to happen???