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Scripted actions only work occassionally when using IWP

Question asked by Tectic on Jun 9, 2009
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Scripted actions only work occassionally when using IWP


I'm busy constructing a custom CRM package for a client in FMP 10 and started with the Customer Management template provided. 


Frustratingly the basic 'Add a Note' script provided has only worked rarely and spasmodically when viewing in a web client.  I have searched the forum and found that sometimes pop-up blocking and cookies are mentioned when referring to non-working scripts but have tried sessions with the following clients: WinXP - IE7 & Firefox 3 and Mac - Safari 3.2.3 and Firefox 3.0.10 with all such settings truned off and the problem still persists - in fact I have been unable to add a note since this morning!  [I have even created a brand new database with the pure template - no tweaks! - and the same problem occurs.] I can edit already existing notes but am unable to add new ones through an IWP client session, I have checked I have ascribed full access priviledges!


Can any body help - I appreciate it's probably a lack of knowledge/understanding on my part but it's very frustrating and I have a client who wants a functioning solution soonest!