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    Scripted Button



      Scripted Button




      I am trying to work out how to perform a find based on the contents of a field but cannot for the life of me work it out.


      Okay, so I have two layouts: StudentDetails and MainPlacement.


      The field named 'MainPlacement' on the StudentDetails layout holds the same text as the 'PlacementName' field on the MainPlacement layout.


      I want a button on the StudentDetails layout that, when clicked, will use the contents of the 'MainPlacement' field to go to the relevant record in the MainPlacement layout.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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          Hody perengano,


          Two ways:


          #1: have the button run a script of "Go To Related Record" and fill in the details of that step (what layout to use, etc.)


          #2: run the script:

          SetVariable [ $ID ; Value: StudentDetails::MainPlacement ]

          Go To Lyaout [ {Layout based on MainPlacement table} ]

          Enter Find Mode

          SetField [ PlacementName ; $ID ]

          Perform Find


          I would opt for #1.