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      Scripted Search


      Hello everyone, wondering if someone can please help me on this one, I am trying to create a script that will do two things on 20 different fields... First off my DB has a Field for "instructor" which is a list of 5 people and date feild that is a pop up calender. these two lists are used over and over again on each record on the 20 fields I have:

      Student Name

      Skill    Instructor    Date


      Skill1 Instructor     Date

      Skill2 Instructor     Date

      Skill3 Instructor     Date

      Skill4 Instructor     Date


      What I am trying to do is run a report that will have the instructor name:  then the student's name, and a list of the skills and dates that he/she has done within each record. then print the next instructors name, then the student's name, and a list of the skills and dates that he/she has done, repeat, repeat... I also don't want to print empty fields.


      What I have been able to do is create global fields to find the date range that I am looking for, but I can't get the report to run, everytime it shows all the fields even though they are not the correct dates because it is matching the date on a previous skill.


      Thanks for any help on this.

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          Are all these records on one table (hopefully not).  If you run a report based on the Skills Table, with skills in your body part, and above that a sub-summary part of instructors, and above that a sub-summary part of students, this should get you closer.

          Sort by Students, skills, dates.

          Up in the header you can have a global start field and global end field.  Upon modification you can then have a script that finds/constrains the found set by date range, then sort if needed (or refresh)

          Or, you can use the globals and sort the relationship to show only then records that fall into that date range.

          Just remember with reports and sub-summary parts, you usually don't get the report you thought you were going to get until you sort

          Edit:  had it backwards--corrected

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            If I read this right, you have 20 fields for this in each record. This makes your report pretty much impossible without restructuring your database to add a table where you have up to 20 related records, one for each of these skills. A report based on this added table then makes this a pretty straightforward process. You might want to consider adding that table/relationship and then using a script to move this data into such a system of related records.