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Scripted Tab Controls

Question asked by carolyn on Sep 1, 2011
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Scripted Tab Controls & IWP


Hi Everyone,

I am working on a DB in Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced.  My OS is Leopard.  I am using IWP.

My issue I am using scripted tab controls to hide buttons when I press a custome Find button.  I am doing this so I don't have to create new screens just to use the search.  This method has worked wonderfully for 1 screen.  On the second screen it works wonderfully for 2 out of the 3 tab controls. 

Here is the issue:

When the problematic tab control is in the header on this layout it doesn't work through IWP.  When I move the same tab control to the body it does works through IWP.  This same control works in the header of the another layout it does work though IWP.  All of the other tab controls work through IWP.

I remade the tab control within the header with the same result.

My process:

Make a Tab control.  I name one B and one F.  In the inspector I name 1 tab and name the second tab with a different name. I place one set of buttons on one tab and another set on another tab. I set the tab control labels to 0 pixels. Then I'm done. 

Could the layout be correupted in some way? 

Thanks for help in advance,