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Question asked by yomango on Sep 25, 2010
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Hello out there. I am in need of a help trying to do a script that takes information from a filed and posts it in a field with check box values. Here´s how the fields are set: field #1 reads world regions and has values for "Entire World", "US", US&Canada", "Latin America", "Asia" and "Africa", field #2 lists ALL the countries with a check box next to each name. 

I want to mark field#1 with, let´s say "US&Canada" and have a script mark both check boxes in field #2. I have tried but filed #2 ends marked only with the last country name I have designed for the script. If I tell the script "once you see in filed #1  -US&Canada-, place text values on filed #2 as US and Canada", only Canada gets marked as final result.

I will appreciate any help