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      Would it just be easier and quicker to script with AppleScript vs. the built in calculations for scripting that filemaker supplies you with?

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          I don't think so, but others can answer more authoritatively than I on that issue.

          The biggest drawback to using AppleScript is that a FileMaker solution that relies on AppleScript cannot function fully on a Windows system, so you have limited your database soley to use on Mac systems.

          Thus, I wouldn't use Applescript except for cases where I could not accomplish what I needed with straight FileMaker scripts.

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            Well, this database is only ever going to be used on a mac system but, my biggest dilemma is that I am searching for which is quicker and easier. I am comfortable with programming and personally think that AppleScript would be quicker than going through the GUI that filemaker has in order to do the same thing. I was wondering if other people thought the same thing or if the AppleScript still limits me to things that FM can do.