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Scripting - Printing Individual reports based on find requests

Question asked by davidsmith on May 6, 2012
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Scripting - Printing Individual reports based on find requests


I have employees that enter their time into the database.  I would like to run a script which does the following based on the invoices we produce but I cannot figure out how to run the script.  Here is what I am trying to do:

Based on each seperate invoice we create I need to print a separate report for each employee who worked on the case.  Each employee has their own employee number in the database. Each report will have different information so I would need to use a different layout for each employee.

For example:  Invoice X has employee A with 5 entries and employee B with 4 entries.  I want to produce a script that finds each entry for employee A and then produces the report which shows those entries, then the script will move onto employee B and print a seperate report which shows those entries for employee B.  

Any and all help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!