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Scripting a button to enter in info from one field to another.

Question asked by AlexLillo on Jul 29, 2013
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Scripting a button to enter in info from one field to another.



     Hello I am currently working on a client database for a reality and am having an issue.


     My current setup













     I have my LayClient set up to have the Client all set up with all the info in the correct fields. I have tabs and within each tab field I have the other 5 tables listed under each field. My problem is currently coming from my People portal that I have created under the tab. I am using the data Association, c_FullName and Email as my portal fields from one table to the LayClient. I also have a Delete button that works perfectly fine and I was looking to add a Addition button. With this button I am looking to be able to click the button and be able to select one of the people from another list such as LayPeople (still need to see if I could use check boxes someway in this layout to select the People I would like to use) and be able to pull the correct info into the data field that I am working with. Doing this one person(People) at a time will be perfectly fine as long as it enters in all of my data within the correct field in my portal. So far my relations table are all connected to my Client Id. Anything would be a great help to me as this is my first week playing around with the program.



     Alex Lillo