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    Scripting a Drop Down List



      Scripting a Drop Down List


      First of all, I wanted to say that everyone on this forum is amazing and has been soo helpful.


      Here's my dilemma.

      I'm working on a commissions database for our sales department. Right now, whenever a radio box is checked as a recoat, the commissions will zero out since they can not recieve commission on a recoat.

      Our problem lies whenever we credit someone for the bad material but then they want a recoat, so then we have to charge them for it, which would recieve commission. But that job would still be considered a recoat.

      I would like  to have a drop down list that would say "commissionable" if there is no recoat and "non commissionable" if there is a recoat. I would like this as a drop down list just so that we can change the commission status. So that in the rare cases that the above instance occurs, we can mark the job as a recoat, but then change the status to "commissiable" and the commission field will draw in teh amount of commission again.


      Any clues?

      Thanks for the help!


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          Howdy Robin,

          Thanks for the post.


          It seems from your description that recoat by itself is no longer a good measure of commissions due.  Would it be easier to have your radio button set be:



          recoat (no commission)

          recoat (with commission)


          Or to simply have another field that is either commission or "no commission" as a dropdown as you ask, or another radio button set with the same two options.  In this way, you could autoenter the data into the radiobutton field as "Commission" and change it if needed.


          Either way, you would have to alter the calculation on the commission field to filter out the non-commissiable options using either If() or Case() as appropriate.


          Is this what you're after?