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Scripting a Drop Down List

Question asked by mgxdigital on Mar 9, 2009
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Scripting a Drop Down List


First of all, I wanted to say that everyone on this forum is amazing and has been soo helpful.


Here's my dilemma.

I'm working on a commissions database for our sales department. Right now, whenever a radio box is checked as a recoat, the commissions will zero out since they can not recieve commission on a recoat.

Our problem lies whenever we credit someone for the bad material but then they want a recoat, so then we have to charge them for it, which would recieve commission. But that job would still be considered a recoat.

I would like  to have a drop down list that would say "commissionable" if there is no recoat and "non commissionable" if there is a recoat. I would like this as a drop down list just so that we can change the commission status. So that in the rare cases that the above instance occurs, we can mark the job as a recoat, but then change the status to "commissiable" and the commission field will draw in teh amount of commission again.


Any clues?

Thanks for the help!