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    Scripting a find within a find



      Scripting a find within a find




      I'm trying to write a script that will perform a Find that will take place only in the current Client record, but utilizing a field in the portal on the Client layout.  In other words, when I search in the portal I don't want to return multiple Clients (if their portals also contain a match to the search criteria), just the current one, but I do want to find the portal row that contains a match to my search criteria (obviously this is a long portal list that you can't just take a glance at).


      Is there any way to create a Script that will maybe insert the Client record number into the appropriate field (to find the current Client record), but leave the second Find criteria open, so that the user can search for whatever they want to in the portal?


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          It doesnt work that way. If you search the portal ( related child record ) for some criteria, it will return all the parent records that have child records that match your criteria.


          If your goal is to only show some related records in the portal but not all of them based on some critiera, do some research on filtered portals.


          Another option would be to go to the related records using Go to Related Records and then constain your found set. However this would be based on a layout of the child.