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    Scripting a Print Preview



      Scripting a Print Preview


           Is there a way to script a print preview? As background information, I have the status toolbar locked for most users.  When I then enter preview mode per script it brings up the preview mode but they cannot navigate away.  It would be fine if I could have this launch in a new window but I am not sure how to do this?  Or possibly there is another way to get the users to a "print preview" screen without having to use the status toolbar?

           Thanks for any help.


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               One option are these script steps:

               Enter Preview Mode [pause]
               Enter Browse Mode

               Users can press the Enter key (for Windows users, that's the enter key associated with the number key pad) to continue the paused script and thus do not have to click a continue button hidden in your not shown status area tool bar.

               Another Other option is to use New Window before entering preview mode, then add a close window step instead of Enter Browse mode

               New Window
               Enter Preview Mode

               Then a button in your original layout  window can close the new window that was opened

               A third option is to enter preview mode and use Show Custom Dialog to pause the script in Preview Mode. When the user clicks a button in the custom dialog the script continues and it can return the window to Browse mode.

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                 Thanks Phil