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    Scripting a Search in dBaseB with criteria from dBaseA



      Scripting a Search in dBaseB with criteria from dBaseA


      Hello again.

      Does anyone care to comment on this?





      I have a solution now which has worked fairly well for 5 or more years but now I would like to update it, add some functionality and perhaps find a better way to script.


      I have a database of users ('UsersDB') which includes each user's criteria for searching a real estate listing database (#rooms, #beds, towns, price range, etc.)


      For each user, based on their search criteria, I search 'propertiesDB', the database of listed properties. The result set is then emailed to the user.


      Currently my script goes through a somewhat tedious process for each user of copying each individual criterion from UsersDB one at a time (#rooms desired, for example), then switching to propertiesDB, restoring the previous find request (or initiating a first request), pasting the criterion into the appropriate field of the find request and then switching back to usersDB, copying the next criterion and repeating this process for each criterion (#bedrooms, then towns, property type, etc) until the find request for the particular user is completely built up.


      Six of the user criteria fields can have multiple items, for example, 'multi-family' and also 'single-family' properties or zip codes x,y,z, etc. This can result in some rather long and complex "OR" searches in Filemaker.


      Is there a better way of scripting this to get a user's complete set of criteria into a find request or is this a limitation of Filemaker Pro?


      I could, for example, use a script to import all of a user's criteria into the property database but then each criteria item would still need to copied and pasted into a find request, according to my current method.


      I appreciate any and all responses.