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Scripting an "OR find request??

Question asked by ChrisDeith on Dec 21, 2012
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Scripting an "OR find request??


     Something that should be simple but I can't seem to work out how to script it!

     Two fields - [payment_status], and [payment_type].

     [payment_status] could be such as:

     ---> Paid, Not Paid, Paid (capture), Refund, Success, Not completed etc

     [payment_type] could be

     ---> ePay, Credit, Cheque etc

     I've created a find request that searches (for instance) [payment_type]="epay" which works fine - but I then need to constrain the found set to for those invoices where [payment_status] = "Paid" OR "Paid (Capture)" OR "Success" etc.


     The only scripting options seem to be x AND y AND z ??

     Would someone like to enlighten me with what I'm sure is the obvious, but which I cannot seem to see?!!