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Scripting an import from a .csv file

Question asked by Hugh on Dec 30, 2008
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Scripting an import from a .csv file


Hi all,


I've hit a bit of a roadblock with a script that I'm trying to write.


I have a python script that generates a .csv. This .csv then needs to be modified from within FMP, and the resulting .csv needs to be imported as records.


The first two steps are fine. The python exists, and I've got an AppleScript that's been launched from FMP to do the second stage. My problem lies in doing the actual import into FMP.


My script has an "Import Records" command, set to "No dialog", with the data source specified as a file, and the list containing "file:/jobs/temp/fmp/converted.csv".


I'm unable to specify the import order, although the default order would work just fine. But when I try to run it, I get an alert popping up saying:


The file "converted.csv" could not be found and is required to complete this operation.


Any idea how I can get it to import automatically from a .csv that I know exists. (Or at least only bug out if the .csv really doesn't exist where it really should)