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scripting assistance please

Question asked by GregSmith_1 on Dec 13, 2012
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scripting assistance please


     Hey All --

     I'm learning, but need help setting up a 2 part or 2 step script

     Step 1 - I need to locate all records that have a date of less than a given date - ie. all customers that have not made a purchase since 1/1/2012 - and I have a field that I can check the date


     Then once all of those records are found I need to tell the user how many records were found and then let them confirm they want to set the record active field to "no"


     Now I have a script that I can use to change the active field to "no" and it works great - how ever I need to setup this two step script so it is simple for another user

     Can anyone help me out with this?