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    scripting buttons



      scripting buttons


      I've got a text field set as Checkbox Set with Values of "1".

      Two part question: Can I make the checkbox larger?  Position>Size 0.36 x 0.36.  Making size larger shows the value of "1" on the form, and when I make a form for iPhone, it's hard to push the buttons on the small screen.  Is there a way to make that checkbox larger, but not show the label?


      What I did was make a large Rounded Rectangle, added the following script: 

      If [TABLE::Field1=1]

      Set Field [TABLE::Field1;0]


      Set Field [TABLE::Field1;1] 

      End if

      This shows the checkbox filled if Field1=1.


      Is it possible to have two Rounded Rectangles, one colored red, one colored green that is "hidden" unless it's Field1 is set to 1?

      That would elimnate the need for the smaller checkbox altogether, yet visually provide feedback if that box is checked (true).
















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          Option 1:

          You can change the font size of your check box field to make it larger.

          Option 2:

          You can use the Layout text tool to add a single character such as an X or a "tick mark" character to your layout and set it up as your button.

          Conditional formatting can set the font size of this single character to 500 to make it disappear. Thus you can create what looks like a check or tick that appears when the value is entered and disappears when it is not.

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            Actually conditional formatting was what I needed for the button (rectangle).

            Formula is Table::Field1 = 1, Fill Color Green, and make the button coloring Red by default, so when I add a new record, they are all red.  A press of the button will make it true (1) and turn it green.  My script and conditional format will allow me to remove the check box all together.

            This option gives more layout control with visual cues as to if a value is "checked".