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Scripting error: field not on layout, but set anyway?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Aug 21, 2013
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Scripting error: field not on layout, but set anyway?


     I am running into an odd problem.  I have a script that creates a new record, linking it back to a parent record.  It starts on the source record on a layout base in TABLE_A - copying information from that record; it then goes to another layout based on TABLE_A and sets a bunch of fields; then it goes to a third layout based on TABLE_A.  However, it gives an error when it moves to the third layout:

     "??? is defined to require a value, but it is not available on this layout.  Use another layout to assign a value to this field."

     I can 'revert' or 'OK'.  The field that it is complaining about isn't on the layout (like it says), but the value still gets set correctly.  The odd part is that this error doesn't show up for every source record, only for some source records.

     The field it is complaining about is defined as:  Number, Require-Unique, Allow Override.

     Anyone have any ideas what is going on?  The fact that it doesn't happen for all source records is the real issue, it seems.  I could just throw that field onto the layout in the gutter area to solve the problem, but I am trying to understand why it is complaining only for some source records.