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    Scripting field export from copy-pasted container content (images)



      Scripting field export from copy-pasted container content (images)


      Hi there!


      I'm looking for an idea to a scripted export of field contents from a container field. I know how to handle this from regular imported field contents! But in this from FM-6 to FM-10 converted database, the images were mostly inserted by copy-paste instead of the insert-image step. Due to this, I have no container info and I do not know its image-type!


      If I export the image by right-click by just one image, FM writes a proposed filename including its ending like: unknown.jpg. I can do a proper import from folder after I have the correct image-types in its filnames. One-by-one would work so far, but I have thousends of images......


      In the scripted export-field-content-step it's nice to set the filename and path and so on, but I almost can not give it the right file-ending, which would be nessecary for the following properly import.


      I tried to export without a file-ending and can import again, but receive only thumbnail-data. I tried to put a file-ending like .jpg or .pic while or after the export, but the import of these images would only success if they meet the correct file-ending, which is not given overall.


      My goal ist to have a proper image-import, with nice image-data and a thumbnail of each image...



      Thank you for your ideas!