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    Scripting fin and print



      Scripting fin and print



      I am new to FileMaker. We have a small database of subscribers to a magazine, and use it to print labels for mailing. This is done in three batches: first the ones with subscription ending, then all other inland subscribers, and then the foreign subscribers. As it stands, the user have to do this manually, by Finding the right records and then printing them


      I want to simplify all this for the user, with a field where the current issue's number is entered and then three buttons for performing the find and print.


      How do I make scripts to search for all subscribers with a "subscription-ends"-field matching the one entered?


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          If you post a description of how you do the finds by hand, we can tell you how to do this in more detailed form.


          Here's the general format for a find script:


          Enter Find Mode []

          Set Field[yourtable::field1; "Yourcriteria"]

          Set Field[yourtable::field2; "Yourcriteria"]

          Set error capture [on]

          Perform find[]

          If [get ( foundcount ) > 0 ]

            Show custom dialog ["No records found"]


            #Put steps here to switch to your labels layout and preview and/or print your labels

          End If


          There are a lot of minor variations possible on the above script depending on how you need to construct your find.