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scripting for a full name split into 2 fields.

Question asked by synergy46 on Feb 9, 2009
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scripting for a full name split into 2 fields.


I imported a table that has a "FULL NAME" field (Smith, John B.). I created 2 new fields: LastName and FirstName. I need to script using filter etc to strip the last name (which ends at the ',' into the last name field and then put the rest into the first name field.

My problem is that I can not find a function for END OF FILE (as in Do While not eof() or Loop while not eof().

Or perhaps I need to write a REPLACE function script which needs a filter to find the ',' but I don't see a corresponding function to count the number of characters -1 up to the ',' .


<< I am also wondering how you assign a variable to a script; ie, loop while x =25 .  What is the scripting 'assignment' statement?  I didn't find a 'let' or anything like it....   Do I create a Global variable and use the Set Field command to assign a value to it?


Help is appreciated..... Thanks