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Scripting for confused.

Question asked by elfin on Feb 10, 2009
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Scripting for confused.


Good morning,


I have a table 1 with layout to add to data to individual tables a-w

A relation is set up from the table field ID (not serial) to individual tables a-w with calculation to 'serialIncrement ("A000";ID)' in each table.


I have scripts:

If [ProductBlank::ID = "A"]

Perform Script [NewRecord_A] 'sends to layout of table'

Else if [ProductBlank::ID = "B"]



My Perform Script for New Record I can send it to the layout, but I want it to add the product details in one table as well as add it to each individual table, so as an invoice can have a sub summary just from one table with all product info and their own ref. 


Any guidance please, bible sending me to reference madness. 


May inspiration be part of our day.