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Question asked by dizm on Jun 7, 2010
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Scripting Help


I am a new user to FMP 11 running it on Mac OS X.


I currently have a database set up to place and track orders for a small company. I have an order summary field table/layout with a portal that displays order numbers, total qauntity, and total cost of orders placed by a given customer. Ive been trying to add a scripted button for cases where the items in the order are backorderd. Ideally I'd want it to create a copy of the record on a different table or layout named Back_Orders but i can't seem to make it work. The relationships between order summary are _kf_order_number ( Order Summary)>-----_kp_order_number( Order Form) and the order summary is connected to contacts via a relationship between _kp_Customer_Number( auto entered serial from Customers)-------<_kf_Customer_Number( Order Summary). The foreign key for order summary and customer nuber is populated by a pop up menu.


Any help would be much appreciated.