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Scripting Help for related records and applying date logic

Question asked by GregP on Jun 21, 2010
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Scripting Help for related records and applying date logic


I am working on an application for a volunteer organization to link Doctors to Patients for free health and dental care.  I am using FileMaker Pro 11 on Windows.  I have setup the following tables and forms for maintaining the information:


1.  Patients - includes basic Patient information (name, address, etc...)

2.  Providers (Doctor/Dentist, etc.) - basic information (name, address, type of provider, etc.) including how many patients they will see per week or per month

3.  Appointments - basic information (appt date, time, reason for visit, etc.) to keep track of the number of Appointments for each Patient and which Provider they visited


I have setup the appropriate relationships between each table.  Now comes my question.  Each Provider has specified how many Patients they will see in a given week or month.  I need to write a script that will tell me which providers are available for appointments at a given point in time.  I was thinking the output from this script would be a report but maybe there is a more clever way to do this?


Can someone give me some direction on how to do this?  I know I need to write a script but what is the best way to accomplish this in FileMaker.  Here is some psuedo code for my algorithm:


  Date = user input date to begin the search

  Week = calendar days of the week specified

  Month = number of the month specified


  Read a Provider Record (first record in table)


      Available = false

      If (TreatmentPerWeek > 0) {

            Count = number of appointments this week

            If (Count < TreatmentPerWeek)

                Available = true


  else If (TreatmentPerMonth > 0) {

            Count = number of appointments this month

            If (Count < TreatmentPerMonth)

                Available = true



    If Available = true

         Print ProviderName


    Read Next Provider Record (until last record in table )

  End Loop



Thanks for your help.